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Our Story

In 2019, a young student was tired of struggling to find distinguishable yet stylish clothing that made him stand out from his peers' sweatpants and sweaters. Ayden Gilmore took it upon himself to create a ready-to-wear brand that blurred the lines of what was 'too much' for everyday wear. In November of 2020, he launched his debut collection titled 'Hierarchy', in which he established his ambition and drive to deliver what he was missing to others his age.

After a hiatus, he came back with a refreshed sense of his brand and artistic voice he wishes to express through his designs. Ayden believes fashion should be about experimentation and pushing boundaries, not just following trends. He designs for the youth who want to spice up their wardrobe and express themselves in new ways. No one should have to conform to boring and bland everyday clothing, Ayden Gilmore is here to help you break that norm. He wishes to help a new generation of artists create their own style—whether that's something that's just a little bit outside the box for casualwear or something truly unique and one-of-a-kind, like you! 

The revival collection 'Citrus' alongside the new Gilmore accessible line looks to bring unique style to an even bigger audience....

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